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This is where you will read about me, my life, my book and all other matters relating! Soon to include an introduction to screenwriting… in 10 easy steps. Well there might be more things on this site if I can ever work out how to use it! I am finding just navigating the pages ridiculously complicated, because I guess I am not computer literate, but we will persevere.

I am starting a little post on screenwriting for anyone interested, aimed at the absolute beginner, hopefully it will provide a few eureka moments for people trying to get started. Please view under the Screenwriting tab.

Deathloop is about to launch on Amazon next week, hopefully June 22, providing I can understand the uploading process which for reasons above might prove more difficult than I had hoped! Yes the book is launched and yes it was v. successful for a short time, but now it is sinking like a stone. However, we have a few tricks up our sleeves so let’s see what happens. I am putting some links here to other sites, much more established than mine and who knows I might get someone dropping in! And if you do please leave a comment so I can reply or at least know who you are.

My book can be bought on